Meet our 2023-2024 J.A.M Assistants

Here at Studio 1 Dance Center, we believe in not only training great dancers, but setting them up for success both on and off the dance floor.  One of the ways we help our students meet this goal is with our unique Junior Assistant Mentorship (JAM)  program.  JAM aims to cultivate the next generation of dance educators by providing aspiring young talents with hands-on experience in classroom management and teaching. Through mentorship and practical guidance, JAM empowers dance teacher assistants to embrace leadership roles, fostering a dynamic and supportive learning environment for both mentors and mentees.

Brooklynn Belnap

Hailey Peterson

Miley Anderson

Bailey Royer

Jorja Robinson

Talyssa Judd

JAM program objectives:

  • To provide teenage dance students with practical teaching experience
  • To develop leadership and communication skills, and confidence in those areas
  • To enhance knowledge of dance techniques, choreography, and pedagogy
  • To foster a supportive and encouraging learning environment
  • To prepare students for potential future roles as dance instructors

We have seen such incredible outcomes from this group and can’t wait to see where their dance career takes them! If your dancer is a part of one of our competition teams and interested in joining our JAM program, please contact us!

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